My Tofu Take On Bon Appetit’s Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

First and foremost, I want to credit @Bonappetit for inspiring this dish! They have an amazing chicken stir fry recipe which I’ll link below. This recipe is similar to Bon Appetit’s, however, I think tofu pairs better with these flavors than chicken does; and it’s more appetizing, lol. Head over to their site and make sure to give their recipe a try! And of course, you must try my new and improved version as well 🙂 Here’s Bon Appétit’s Recipe:

What You Need:

1 pack of extra firm tofu

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 cup roasted peanuts (peeled)

2 tbsp minced ginger

1 zucchini

2 celery stocks

5 medjool dates (chopped and pitted)

3 green onions

¾ cup cilantro

1 lime

      Sauce for tofu:

– ¼ cup soy sauce

– 2 tbsp sriracha 

     Sauce for veggies:

-1 tbsp soy sauce

-3 tbsp rice vinegar

-1 tbsp sugar

-1 tbsp flour or corn starch

(I used gluten-free flour)

I’ve created a list on Amazon including some of the items you may not already have in your kitchen.

**Disclaimer:I may receive a small profit from any purchase associated with this link.

This recipe can get a little overwhelming while cooking, so let’s prep EVERYTHING and break up the steps.


Pat dry and in a medium bowl, crumble into small pieces. 

Peel garlic and ginger, mince (chop in tiny pieces), and place in small bowl.

Combine soy sauce and sriracha in separate small bowl.

Tofu sauce: mix together sriracha and soy sauce and set aside.

Veggies & Everything else:

Chop zucchini (start by discarding ends and slicing length-wise so you have two halves. Cut the halves length-wise again so it’s in fourths, then chop perpendicularly so you end up with even triangle-like pisces)

Cut celery stock in half lengthwise and then chop into small pieces.

Cut dates in half and then into small pieces.

Chop green onions into very thin slices.

Roughly chop cilantro and set aside in small bowl.

Slice lime in half and set aside.

 Veggie sauce: combine flour, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sugar in a small bowl and set aside.

Now, lets cook! :

1.Heat 3 tbsp of oil (vegetable or olive oil works), in a large pan at medium high heat. Add peanuts to oil and cook for 3ish minutes or until golden. Remove peanuts and set aside (keep oil in the pan!).

2.Add ginger and garlic to oil and let cook until fragrant (30-60 seconds)

3.Add tofu to oil, lightly season with salt and pepper (approx. ¼ tsp each), and stir around. Cook until tofu gets a little color.

4.Add the soy sauce and sriracha mixture to tofu and stir, cook for 15-30 seconds.

5.Add celery, stir, and cook for 1-2 minutes.

6.Add dates, cook for 1-2 minutes or until celery is slightly soft.

7.Add zucchini and green onions and cook for 2-3 minutes until tender.

8.Add the peanuts and half of cilantro and stir.

9.Immediately after, pour in soy sauce/rice vinegar mixture and stir vigorously to avoid everything sticking to pan.

10.Once sauce thickens everything, about 20-30 seconds, turn off heat. Squeeze lime over top, sprinkle left over cilantro, and serve!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this recipe in the comments below <3

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