A delicious mango twist to your standard margarita! Mango and lime is one of my favorite combinations, so I thought why not make a margarita out of it! Perfect cocktail for the summer and all the fun events that take place. Give it a try and let me know what you think!



Cute Glasses


(Makes 4 Margs)

For the Margarita:

-2 Cups Frozen Mango

-1 Cup Ice

-1 Cup Lemonade (I like the one from Trader Joe’s)

-1 Cup Tequila

-1/3 Cup Lime Juice

-Pinch of Salt

For Topping/Rimming the Glass:

-3 Tbsp Granulated Sugar

-2 Tbsp Kosher Salt

-5 Lime Wedges


1.Grab glasses and use 1 lime wedge to coat the rim of each glass. Combine salt and sugar on a flat surface and roll the rim of each glass in the mixture. Set aside.

2.Blend together mango, ice, lemonade, lime juice, tequila, and salt.

3. Grab a glass, pour, and serve!

Enjoy 🙂

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