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My friends call me Katie, so please, call me Katie! Aside from running alattaeats, I’m a college student, beach volleyball coach, music lover, and a philosophy aficionado.

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Now, let’s get personal

I’m a born and raised Southern California native. I grew up just south of Los Angeles in the South Bay. I like to joke around and say I was raised at the beach because my childhood memories mainly consist of digging massive holes and building exquisite sand castles with my older brother alongside the Pacific Ocean. I feel grateful to have grown up in such a beautiful part of the world.

Get to Know Me: College

I’m from a small town, well, in comparison to cities in Los Angeles County, my hometown is small. To put things into perspective, I attended kindergarten with half of my high school graduating class, which is unheard of at a public high school in LA. There are ups and downs to growing up in a small suburban neighborhood. Familiarity is one of the perks, seeing the same faces of not only my peers but families and friends was comforting during the teenage awkwardness. However, lack of social change was one of the downsides because there were moments, especially in middle and high school, where I felt trapped by all the familiar faces, and craved a fresh start with new people. 

Luckily, I had the opportunity to attend college out of state where I could experience this social change I longed for. Fall of 2019, I went to a large, out-of-state university that offered many aspects I felt my hometown lacked. It was fun for a couple weeks but I quickly learned I wanted a different college experience than what that university had to offer. So, I transferred.

Get To Know Me: Philosophy

I love philosophy. Those “big” questions such as why the world is the way it is, why we exist, what makes something “right” rather than “wrong”, and so on, fascinated me as a child. Thankfully, I now know an entire branch of academia regarding these questions exists. I love philosophy because it discusses the questions about the human experience that truly have no solution which, in my perspective, represents the beauty in life.

Get To Know Me: Music

My love for music started young. I was a die hard Taylor Swift fan. I enjoyed amateurly writing songs and learning how to play my favorite tunes on the piano by watching youtube videos. It wasn’t until this past year, I dove into classic rock and folkish old music and fell in love. I’m talking Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp, The Grateful Dead, Jackson Browne and many more artists and bands. Now, I can proudly say, my dad supports my taste in music. As a kid, music used to bring me comfort during times of solitude, while now it brings me joy and excitement because I can connect with people. Today, one of my favorite pastimes is finding new songs, sharing them with my friends, and listening to them together on the beach during sunset.

Get to Know Me: Volleyball

I played volleyball all through highschool. It began as a way to get out of freshman year P.E. I tried out for my high school’s indoor volleyball team, made it, and the rest is history. After that first season, I went on to play beach and indoor for a club team (shout out Pacific Soul!) which I happen to coach for now. Talk about full circle! There were many aspects that I loved about playing the sport, and there are even more that I love about coaching. Volleyball taught me many lessons and skills such as leadership, comradery, positivity, health and wellness, perfectionism, the list goes on and on. I feel so grateful I can now pass it forward to this new generation of players.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

Enjoy these photos of me spending time with the people I love ❤️

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